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How to make Private Calls from your phone

Private Calls & SMS

Virtual phone numbers give you the flexibility to choose another phone number without owning a second SIM card. They can also disguise your identity if you’re concerned about your privacy day to day. It’s a good permanent solution if you have to pass your number to strangers on a regular basis. You’re able to share this unique number as you would a standard one. You can even use it to register with WhatsApp, Telegram and other messaging services.

Virtual numbers are used in the same way as normal telephone numbers and can be called in the same way as normal telephone numbers. However, they have the advantage that they can be forwarded to your phone around the world. Fanytel virtual phone numbers can be used in many different ways.

If you want to protect your privacy, you can use your virtual number to make Private Calls and send private SMS and you don’t have to provide your home or mobile number – just use a virtual phone number.

This is how a virtual number works?

A virtual phone number does not require a SIM card or a physical address. It allows you to make real calls between people using secure internet technology.

A virtual number takes private calls over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). This is basically the same proven technology that is used to make calls and send text messages via iMessage, WhatsApp and Google Voice.

VoIP is booming because it allows you to communicate in real time using your existing broadband connection.

Through a cloud communications provider, your private calls are digitized and connected via the internet and the traditional telephone network.

Over the years, a number of VoIP codecs have provided richer call quality without consuming a lot of data. As US telephone numbers are portable, there is no need to convert them.

This process is called number portability, which means that any VoIP provider can port your business phone number.

So you do not need a wired Ethernet connection to receive calls using your VoIP phone number. As long as you have a fast and reliable data transmission environment, such as 4G LTE or Wi-Fi, you can make calls. In this way, you can receive calls from your mobile phone using a virtual phone number.

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